Psychometric assessment

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Adult ADHD, ASD, & PTSD Testing

Learning about our brains and how they work can empower us to be happier, healthier, and better prepared to meet life's challenges. 


intake session

  1. Introduction to the assessment process
  2. Psychosocial background interview
  3. Assignment of self-report instruments

interview session

  1. Discuss self-report instrument results
  2. Internationally-normed Clinical Interview
  3. Review of initial diagnostic impressions

report session

  1. Receive your report upon full payment
  2. Report will include any appropriate diagnosis and recommended next steps
  3. All reports include up to 2 accommodation or advocacy letters

$199 per session - multiple payment options

Have insurance? Use your OON Benefits

Purple Wellness is an Out-Of-Network (OON) provider with many major insurance carriers. OON expenses count towards your annual maximum out-of-pocket costs just like in-network services, but may have a separate deductible. Purple Wellness can help verify your OON benefits and submit the claim to your insurance provider for you. 


To make assessment services more accessible, Purple Wellness offers negotiable payment terms. Our default payment option is $199/session billed at time of service. Payment plans are available for up to 90 days without penalty. We also offer a 5% discount to clients who pay for their services in-full prior to the second session

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faq - frequently asked questions

Is this a "real" diagnosis?

Yes. Any diagnosis resulting from your assessment experience is official and becomes a HIPAA-protected part of your healthcare records. You control who will have access to this diagnostic information going forward. 

Who is providing the assessment?

Assessment services are provided by appropriately licensed and trained clinical mental health professionals or clinical-trainees under their supervision. The specific qualifications of your assessment provider will be available as part of your report.

What can I do with my assessment report?

Your assessment report is your official record of the assessment process and any diagnosis which results. This record can be shared with your primary care provider or an appropriate specialist to pursue medication options, as part of an accommodation process at work or school, or simply for your own knowledge and reference. 

When pursuing medication support, Purple Wellness always recommends clients explore non-stimulant medication options first, primarily due to the on-going shortage of stimulant medications and the challenges* in getting consistent access to such meds. A fairly recent non-stimulant medication for ADHD shows potential for supporting improved executive function - Viloxazine (name-brand: Qelbree). For more info, check out this great video explainer from Psychiatrist Dr. Tracey Marks.

Checkout this article from ADDitude Magazine for more details details on ADHD medication options.

*Note: Adderall, Vyvanse and other stimulant medications commonly used to treat ADHD are Schedule II Controlled Substances under the Federal Drug Control Act. This is the same classification as cocaine, heroin, and meth. Due to the potential for abuse and serious potential legal liability, your prescriber may require additional testing to confirm your diagnosis before prescribing stimulant medication. Talk with your Purple Wellness provider for more information.

Where can I get more help after assessment?

Psychiatry & Prescriber Services: Explore medication options.

Individual Counseling: 

Support Groups: Regular support from / engagement with others facing similar symptoms can normalize our experience, provide a community of support, and help build hope for how to minimize the impacts of symptoms on daily life.  

Professional ADHD Coaching: ADHD coaching can provide structured support to address specific challenges such as executive dysfunction in the workplace or challenges organizing your home life. The coaches shared below are explicitly queer and neurodiverse affirming professionals: