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In the US, 1 in 20 adults has ADHD and 1 in 45 has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) (Dietz et al, 2020; Saline, 2022). In particular, Women, AFAB folx, and People of Color tend to go underdiagnosed in childhood and adolescence due to gender and racial bias in assessment and treatment (Saline, 2022; Bhargava, 2021). Our assessment & diagnostic approach is specifically tuned to catch these and other adult clients whom have otherwise gone unserved. Sign-up for Services Now.

We spend approximately a third of our lives "at work". For most people in the United States, that’s over 90,000 hours of our lives. Since we devote so much time and energy to "work", it's worth being thoughtful about the work we do, why we do it, and how we do it. Sign-up for Services Now.

Gender Affirming Care. Workplace Accommodations. Tenate Advocacy. In order to be at our best for others, we need the time and other resources to take care of ourselves. If you're advocating for your healthcare needs or rights at work, school, with a landlord or other authority figure, we'd like to offer you some backup. Sign-up for Services Now.