how & where are services provided?

Services are generally provided via a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tool. By special arrangement, some services may be available by phone. Texting is used for scheduling purposes only. 

what is "telemental health" and does it work?

Telemental health (TMH) is a fancy way of referring to mental and behavioral health services provided remotely primarily using video, later growing to include telephone and text.  Therapy via video call has been practiced in the US since the 1950s and decades of research have shown it can be just as effective as in-person care (Hilty et al, 2013; Molfenter et al, 2015 as cited in Adams et al, 2018).

how private/confidental are your services?

Under state law, work with your provider is protected much like work with an attorney would be. This confidentiality applies to all clients age 18+. Everything said in session is confidential with three important exceptions:

how much do services cost?

do you accept health insurance?

Purple Wellness is an Out-Of-Network (OON) provider for most major insurance plans. OON expenses count towards your annual maximum out-of-pocket costs just like in-network services, but may have a separate deductible. Purple Wellness can verify your OON benefits and submit claims to your insurance provider for you upon request. 

Service fees will be billed to the client within 10 business days of each session and are due upon receipt. Any OON refund or other insurance benefit you may be eligible for will come directly from your insurance provider.